Wild About Animals

Program Level: K-12
Type: Geography; Science
Price: Call 800-255-0084

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Wild About Animals

Take a journey with us as we explore our world’s amazing habitats and the animals that live within them! “Wild About Animals” award winning, highly entertaining and educational school assemblies allow students to meet and learn about some of the world’s most amazing animals.

Our “Wild About Animals” show brings animals from all over the world right to you. Students and teachers will learn about each animals habitat, adaptations, environmental role and what we can do to help the animals we share this planet with.

“Wild About Animals” offers a great way to educate and entertain large groups of students. Students love seeing animals from all over the world in their school.

Each show will feature 5-6 live animal ambassadors from the following animal list. The animal list is subject to change due to individual state and federal regulations.

  • African Crested Porcupine
  • Wallaby or Kangaroo
  • Dillaby
  • Tenrec
  • Exotic Hornbill or softbill Bird
  • Coatimundi
  • Flying PhalangerExotic Even-Toed
  • Mammal
  • Crepuscular Rodent
  • Exotic Leporidae
  • Ratite
  • Exotic Parrot
  • Exotic Arthropod
  • Exotic Reptile

The presenter was amazing! She was high energy and kept the students full attention throughout the program. We loved how she not only informed the students about the animals, but also a little bit about the cultures in the countries the animals are from, The presenter's love for the animals showed and it was easy to tell that the animals were well taken care of. Not only was this the best assembly program we have had, but a great example for our students as well.

Administration - Dayton, OH

The students could barely contain their excitement as the presenter introduced each animal and couldn’t wait for the next one to come out! It is rare that the students are able to have this much fun while learning as much as they did. The teachers were tired of the animal questions by the end of the week!

Dean - Sterling, CO