Want to be a Super-Hero?

Program Level: K-12
Type: Anti-Bullying; Respect; Character; Diversity; Reading; Literacy & Arts
Price: Call 800-255-0084

General Details


Want to be a Super-Hero?

The Bureau of Lectures is proud to offer your school one of the best character building and anti-bullying programs touring America today. Paul Merklein has been sharing his message with schools for more than 20 years. His ability to connect with students in a relevant way, as well as feed their imaginations is what continues to make his show one of the most popular assembly programs year after year. Over the course of his 45 minute assembly program Paul will create up to four drawings of super heroes, historical and literary figures, and maybe even a student. His drawings illustrate his messages of celebrating diversity, learning about respect, and appreciating other peoples’ differences, abilities, and strengths. The school will keep all of the drawings that were done during the assembly so the reminder of his messages will last long after he has left the building! Paul will also be able to tailor messages to fit your school’s specific need, so don’t hesitate to tell us how we can help make your assembly experience perfect.

Paul Offers Two Programs

  • Be a Super-Hero
  • Read and feed your imagination

We hope you come back next year!

Stevenson High School

Thank you for your fun and entertaining performance. It was very relevant to our students.

Plum Grove Junior High School

The kids and their parents really enjoyed you.

Jefferson Lighthouse School

You are always a smashing success with everyone, regardless of age.

Marquette University

We were really inspired!

Waller Elementary School

The students and teachers enjoyed watching you draw!

Lake Zurich Middle School

Your show was the highlight of the week! Our students loved it.

Valley New School