Todd Oliver and Friends

Program Level: K-12
Type: Theatre; Motivational
Price: Call 800-255-0084

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Todd Oliver and Friends


Just ask school administrators, teachers, and parents from hundreds of schools across the country about THE POSITIVELY POSITIVE DAY PLAY on Todd Oliver. Read the letters of high praise provided on this page. And, of course, ask the children. You’ll hear proof of why this program is rated #1 by so many kids and adults! THE POSITIVELY POSITIVE DAY PLAY featuring Todd Oliver, weaves fun and laughter into messages of self-esteem, discovering one’s talent and skills, using one’s time wisely, work ethics, as well as other timely important messages concerning the youth of today. Relating to children, communicating naturally at the appropriate level with the right material is one of Todd’s many secrets in working with young people. Or as Todd says, “We make them lough, then they listen, then they learn.”

TODD OLIVER — Musical Ventriloquist — presents a motivational program you’ll never forget. His combination of outrageous ventriloquism, audience participation, and music from his three albums, THE POSITIVELY POSITIVE DAY PLAYS, Vol. 1-3 produced by Grammy award-winning Dennis Morgan, is in a class by itself. A superb ventriloquist with years of experience, Todd shares the stage with Joey Clark-+he lovable, wisecracking kid; with Pops–the crazy, confused old-timer; and with Miss Lilly Tilly, world-renowned substitute teacher. Todd’s humor is situational with a contemporary flair. Together, Todd and his all-star cost offer three different programs appealing to children of all ages–Elementary level, Junior High and High School level. With his critically acclaimed albums now in a quarter of a million educational catalogs and stores, Todd hits the rood with a one-of-o-kind, polished, professional program that receives rave reviews from coast to coast.


I've worked in education for17 years nod I con truly say your show is the most appropriate assembly for students that I've experienced. The response was fantastic! We will definitely be scheduling your show again in the future.

Drug Prevention Counselor - Louderdole County School System, Alabama

Thank you for coming to Mendota School to perform for our students. Your work was excellent. The children were captivated by your talent, humor, and ability to relate philosophical explanation. On a scale of one to ten you deserve on eleven rating.

Principal - Mendota Elementary School, Mendota Heights, Minnesota

I wish to let you know what an inspiration and delight it was to have Todd Oliver more his presentation...The positive comments I heard from staff and students were many, not only because of the fine presentation but his wholesome attitude is most refreshing indeed for all of us today.

Principal - Waite Park Intermediate School, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Todd is a talented man with a positive message for young people. In today's world that is a valuable combination. He is absolutely, positively our favorite performer.

Principal - Thomas Intermediate School, Shelbyville, Tennessee