Take Back Your Voice

Program Level: All ages
Type: Motivational
Price: $725

General Details

Take Back Your Voice

We at The Bureau of Lectures are so proud to be able to bring the, “Take Back your Voice” tour to our roster. The goal of the Take Back Your Voice concert event is to build up the student’s confidence in knowing and loving who they are. We may not always be able to control what others say about us or do to us, but we can control the way we let it affect how we see ourselves. The goal is to teach resilience and healthy coping mechanisms through song and honest, unscripted communication. Bringing music into the mix and getting the students involved in the event makes it THEIR show. It shows students an example of how they can express themselves in a healthy way through creativity and art rather than becoming introverted and keeping their feelings and thoughts inside.

Joe Scorsone is a Sony recording artist who has committed the last decade of his life to improving the lives of students across the country with his band in arenas and now is bringing his experience to schools. This show is a great opportunity for your students to absorb this timely and important message through a medium they can all relate to.


For this generation, the message was delivered perfectly. Most of these kids have gone back to the website to follow up with him. The students identify with the music and have found inspiration in Joe's own story. Brilliant rock and roll!

Music Teacher - Princeton, NC

I wanted to express my gratitude to you for bringing Joe Scorsone and his wonderful group to our school. The children were so excited at their performance as they enjoyed the incredible music. The powerfully relevant anti-bully message that they delivered was well received by our children. The veritable impact of their work was quite evident when the children recited the "No Place for Hate" pledge together.

Principal - Easton, PA

Joe and the The Take Back Your Voice tour and its members have been extremely proactive in trying to educate their fans about mental health, particularly about depression among youth. They have been very involved with suicide prevention efforts throughout the Northeast, and have even successfully intervened in an instance when a teenager was in crisis.

Phillip Raskin, Senior Director Public Education - The National Mental Health Association