Stephen and Friends

Program Level: K-12
Type: Theatre; Motivational
Price: Call 800-255-0084

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Stephen and Friends, Comedy with a Message

The multi-national award winning, student favorite and assembly that has inspired a generation is coming to your area. Celebrating their 35th Anniversary Tour, 8 million students have laughed, been challenged, changed and motivated in 48 states and Canada.

This creative husband and wife team combine, audience interaction, robotic mime, prop comedy, music and of course Stephen’s award winning vocal acrobatics and sound effects along with a serious message on issues facing young people. Their acclaimed, BullyBusters Project and Comedy with a Serious Message tours have been some of the most witnessed assemblies.

Stephen has appeared on many national TV shows (VH1, TNN, MTV, PBS, Family Channel, Hallmark, RFD-TV, PAX, TBN) as well as worked with countless of artists, from Mister Rogers to Martina McBride, Smothers Bros, Jason Crabb, Wynonna, Marie Osmond, Skillet to Neal McCoy, Charlie Daniels and The Beach Boys.


As a member of the Indiana Association of School Principals, I recommend your program to all principals as a must for their student body. The days of the three piece suit, getting up in front of kids and lecturing to them are gone. Stephen who exudes optimism, is like a modern-day Johnny Appleseed, planting seeds of hope wherever he travels - and counting on a bountiful harvest!

Indiana Association of School Principals

I kind of pity the next school assembly we bring in that has to follow Stephen. The kids were blown away.

Philo Middle School - Winston Salem, NC

Stephen and his shenanigans fly in the face of traditional preaching to students about the golden rule, he’s amazing. Stephen puts words in the puppet's mouths, laughter in students hearts, and wisdom in their minds.

Princeton Times - Princeton, NJ