Skateboard Science

Program Level: K-12
Type: Phys Ed; Acrobatics; Science
Price: Call 800-255-0084 Price: $695

General Details

Skateboard Science

Skateboarding is awesome, but practice and science is what makes it work! Professional skateboarders join scientists to show off their best stuff. But this isn’t just a skateboard show – it’s a science show! Ever wonder how an ollie works? (rotation) Hippie jumps? (inertia) Manuals? (balance) Bring our skateboarding lab to your gym, and lets experiment together.
Combining sick moves, the occasional magic trick, and plenty of your insight, we explore the science of skateboarding. Because this show literally sold out on their last tour we would like to give all the schools that missed out one last chance.

You are your students will enjoy professional skateboarding as they learn concepts like:

  • Distribution of force – how safety equipment works
  • Center of mass – twist, spin, and rip!
  • Center of gravity – stand up on that skateboard, and don’t fall down!
  • Inertia and Vector Decomposition – skate tricks and projectile motion

Physical science, or athletics? Well, they go together!


We all (students and staff) really loved the correlation between science and skateboarding. The students were learning and they didn’t even know it! Thank you.

Teacher - Jackson OH

I wanted to write to let you know that the Skateboard Science assembly held at my school yesterday was fabulous! Of all the assemblies I’ve attended during my time teaching, this was by far the best. Thanks for making science not only fun, but 'cool.' Kudos to the presenters-they made such a positive impact on my students that they were asking for their autographs!

Teacher - Middlesex, NJ

The presenters were amazing. Our entire school, including staff, loved the program and the students came back to the classroom with great questions about physics. Thanks again for this phenomenal assembly.

Teacher - Croton on Hudson, NY

Hands down the best assembly I’ve seen in my 24 years! Rich content and extremely impactful. Our students thoroughly enjoyed this outstanding performance.

Principal - Alsip, IL