Rainforest Animals

Program Level: K-9
Type: Science; Geography; Humanities
Price: Call 800-255-0084 Price: $550

General Details

The Bureau of Lectures & Mutual of Omaha presents Rainforest Animals

This award winning, educational, and highly entertaining show will allow your students and staff to meet some of the world’s most exciting and fascinating rainforest animals. Wonders of the rainforest will showcase live animals and artifacts from the rainforests around the world, as well as cover their survival, natural history, geography, natural behaviors, and conservation education. The show promotes awareness and enthusiasm for wildlife conservation education on the local, national, and global scale.

Each presentation will feature live animal ambassadors from around the world. The show will consist of at least 5-6 rainforest animals that your students will have a chance to get up close and personal with, including:

  • Macaw
  • Hornbill
  • Iguana
  • Various snakes
  • Honey Bear
  • Rainforest anthropoids
  • Rainforest reptiles
  • Rainforest amphibians
  • Brazilian Badger

This program is a great resource to accompany our curriculum, The speaker provided much information about the rain forest animals and I am sure inspired the children to seek out more facts about the rain forest.

Teacher - Lockport, NY

The presenter was fabulous! Her knowledge and presentation of animals and information was excellent. Every teacher had positive comments to say and want this program back again!

Celeste Keeley, Instructional Coach - Simpsonville, SC

The students and staff went on and on about how wonderful the Rain Forest Animals show was! The teachers were so impressed with the presenter, her knowledge, and how she relayed it to the students in such an engaging manner. Great show!!

Sandra Rapp, Teacher - McLeansboro, IL

The kids and staff really enjoyed the show. Highly recommend!

Shannon Miura, Parent - Gilroy, CA

It was better than we could have imagined! We ended our first semester with the Rainforest Animals show instead of holiday parties and our students and staff agreed it was the perfect gift for everyone!

Secretary, Hoover Elementary - Enid, OK

The presenter does a FANTASTIC job with all levels of kids. We had K -12 in the same room and they all enjoyed the show and learned a lot. Great job and fantastic animals!

Administration - Pueblo, CO

The presenter was enthusiastic and had the students riveted to their seats. He interacted with the students and had great information. The kids loved the animals and it was a great experience for staff and students alike. Thank you!

Principal - Inkom, ID

As a teacher, one of the most fun aspects of the program was the many times my students turned to me with big eyes and mouths wide open – full of wonder. The presenter did an excellent job of handling the large age range and of keeping her poise managing a large audience with a large spider on her hand! She commanded respect and treated the animals respectfully. Thank you.

Teacher - Hanford, CA

The presentation was incredibly informative and the presenter was marvelous. She was a model of respectful, responsible treatment of the animals and was as good with our students as any presenter we have ever had. Excellent assembly!

Principal - Wooster, OH