One World Taiko

Program Level: K-12
Type: Multi-Cultural; Geography; Music
Price: Call 800-255-0084 Price: $595

General Details

One World Taiko

Gary Tsujimoto and Nancy Ozaki have been performing for over 25 years throughout the US and in Europe, Japan and the Middle East—as well as for 4 years as the resident taiko drummers at Walt Disney World’s Epcot Center in Orlando, Florida.

Taiko means “drum” in Japanese and One World Taiko is a professional Japanese drum ensemble that captivates audiences of all ages with their heart pounding beats, dynamic movement and rhythmic grooves.

Gary and Nancy will perform on drums ranging from the huge “odaiko” which is almost 5′ in diameter all the way to the “shimedaiko”, which is the size of a snare drum. Along with the drums they will include different sized gongs and cymbals made of brass to complete the experience.

Your performance by “One World Taiko” will feature traditional and original compositions, interwoven with descriptions of the drums and other instruments, as well as a history of taiko.

As a real treat a group of students are invited to play the taiko making this assembly a truly unforgettable experience.


This was a great show! The presenters were so friendly and it was not only entertaining, but educational and exposed our students to Japanese culture. A once in a lifetime opportunity for our kids.

Stacey Binegar, Principal - Cantrall, IL

Our students were still pretending to play the Taiko Drums a week after the performance.

Kim Hoffman, Teacher - Racine, WI

We loved all the interaction with the students and I can’t say enough how talented Gary and Nancy are! The students and staff said it was one of the best assemblies we've ever had! Thank you!

Jody Blessen, Principal - Ralston, NE

This was a fantastic performance and supported our commitment to expose our students to different cultures and world views. As always, thank you to The Bureau of Lectures for offering this experience.

September Caldwell, PTA - Spokane, WA

This was a fantastic presentation of Taiko to both students and families. Thank you so much for the excellent performance.

Principal - Klamath Falls, OR

Very engaging and fun for everyone in attendance! Nancy and Gary blend the perfect amount of information and music. It was a great show.

STUCO Advisor - Marysville, CA

There was an awesome amount of audience participation and the students were thoroughly engaged throughout the entire presentation. The performers were absolutely entertaining and provided a positive message to the students. We would recommend this program to other schools without hesitation.

Principal - Stockton, CA

I appreciated the professionalism of Gary Tsujimoto and Nancy Ozaki every step of the way, from the booking through the completion of the performances. What I loved the most about it was how engaged the students were throughout the entire forty minutes (and I mean from kindergarteners to eighth graders!). Gary and Nancy struck the perfect balance between sharing information about Taiko drumming (techniques, costumes, the drums themselves, their own training) and performance pieces that were just the right length. The balance of traditional and contemporary compositions was also just perfect. Of course, the students who had the chance to actually play loved it the most! Even watching other students perform was a lot of fun for the audience. The audience participation was also great! The most affirming thing I can say about this assembly was that I had dozens of students, across the grades, come up to me later that day, and even for the next couple of days, thanking me for arranging the Taiko drum assembly for them. The kids universally loved it! I give One World Taiko an A+ for providing us with an outstanding experience in every way.

Assumption-St.Bridget School - Seattle, WA

I was happy at how interactive the show was. The presenters were friendly and good with all of our students and more importantly they knew their audience (the different grade levels). The students were not only entertained by the drums, but they were taught some Japanese words as well some facets of Japanese culture and traditions.

Principal - San Jose, CA