African Dance and Drum Troupe

Program Level: K-12
Type: Multi-Cultural; Music; Geography
Price: $795

General Details

African Dance and Drum Troupe

Direct from Senegal

There are a few assembly programs that we bring back year after year, not just out of sheer demand, but because of how important we feel the message and experience is. This show is absolutely one of those. Oumar and his group have been coming to the US from Senegal for eight years to bring American schools examples of their cultural heritage and message of unity and each year the show grows in scale and popularity.

Your students and staff will experience traditional clothing and culture, music and dance, antique instruments and drums, and tons of audience participation—all while being a part of one of the best assembly programs available anywhere. Without hesitation, I can tell you that this is a truly unique and important opportunity and almost all of our customers that have had them once, have had them back multiple times.


The performance was wonderful! The students were dazzled by the performer on stilts, delighted by the Kora harp instrument, and thrilled with the drum performance. Students and teachers alike were up dancing and enjoying the performance. It was very creative, informative, and enjoyable for all.

Anne - Mette Hansell, Teacher - Bryn Mawr, PA

Cultural exposure was great and energy was contagious!

Sally Washburn, Family Resource Coordinator - Greenville, KY

It was very engaging learning experience. All the kids got to participate. The teachers learned a dance and students enjoyed seeing their teachers dance with the group.

Tamra Reardon, Teacher - Madison, IN

Amazing! This is one of the best assemblies we've had here. The students walked out of school talking non-stop about how good it was.

Vicki Johnson, Principal - Mendota, IL

Oumar made me cry with his incredible voice and harp playing. The whole group was mesmerizingly awesome. The kids were blown away. Thank you so much for coming to our school. What a wonderful event!!

Christina Ramirez, Cultural Arts Chair - Brookside, NJ

Absolutely an excellent presentation! It was very educational and informative on a multi-cultural and social studies level and certainly a wonderful display of the arts! The children and staff absolutely loved the group!

Cutler Elementary - Swanzey, NH

Outstanding! All of our students sat amazed by what they were seeing the performers do. As a principal I enjoyed the fact they involved students and staff in the performance.

Woodbrook Elementary - Charlottesville, VA

An amazing assembly program, truly one of the best we have ever had. Both the students and staff were fully engaged. Well presented and incredibly professional.

Principal - Boise, ID

Very engaging on many different levels. The group did a fantastic job of cultural, historical, and demographical facts of Africa. The performers were very talented and promoted audience interactions and engagements.

Principal - Gardena, CA