Stop Bullying Now/Start Reading!!

bud-jeffriesBy World Renowned Strongman and Motivational Speaker - Bud Jeffries

Bud Jeffries is one of the strongest men in the World. He bends I-bars, lifts a table with 10 teenagers on it, and lifts people with one hand. When he has completed one of these amazing feats of strength, he has the undivided attention of his audience of young people.

His message is simple, yet very powerful:

  • Reading is cool
  • Be a champion in life
  • Bullying is not cool
  • Obesity robs each person of their potential

Bud's rapport with young people is a joy to observe. Teachers and parents have given him many wonderful endorsements. There is something very special about having one of the World’s strongest men share with students his simple, timely, and heartfelt messages. This is a program that I hope many schools will take advantage of and book for their students.

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Stop Bullying Now Video

Click the image below to view a video of Bud Jeffries in action.

Stop Bullying Now

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