Native Pride Dancer

Program Level: K-12
Type: Multi-Cultural; History; Music
Price: Call 800-255-0084

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Larry Yazzie, Native Pride Dancer

Larry Yazzie, The Native Pride Dancer is truly an American treasure. From the Meskwaki Nation in Tama, Iowa, Larry is a two-time World Champion Fancy Dancer, and Eagle Dancer. His repertoire includes performances at the Olympics, The Kennedy Center, and the Smithsonian Institute. As an international lecturer, dancer, and educator, Larry has earned the reputation for being one of the nation’s leading experts on Native American dance and culture. Larry will teach your students about the beauty, symbolism, and skill of Native American music, dance, and regalia. The performance will include traditional stories, musical styles, and insight into the vibrant history and culture of Native American life. As a bonus, this program will also touch on several areas of your schools core curriculum and Larry takes special pride in being inclusive for all students.


Our students had such an awesome time. Not only did they learn more about Native American culture, but they had a lot of fun while doing it. We can’t wait to have you back!

Bitz Intermediate School - Camp Lejeune, NC

The performer was able to really focus on our core content and used terminology our students are tested over. He was able to do all of this while educating and entertaining staff and students alike well beyond our expectations. Thank you so much!

North Point Elementary School - Hebron, KY

In my opinion, this was the best assembly we have ever had. The Native Pride Dancer had all the qualities of the perfect assembly: education, entertainment, and student involvement. Thanks again!

Frontier Schools - Red Rock, Oklahoma