Chinese Acrobats

Program Level: K-12
Type: Multi-Cultural; Geography; Phys Ed
Price: $795

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The Fabulous Chinese Acrobats

Offered for the 18th Year!
Over 15,000 Thrilled Past Audiences

The Bureau of Lectures is incredibly proud to announce that for the 19th consecutive year they are able to bring your school the best assembly program in America, The Fabulous Chinese Acrobats. Each year The Bureau of Lectures personally selects brand new troupes of acrobats to make sure that even if your school has had this show in the past, each year will be brand new for your students, in fact this year the groups are straight from the cirque du soleil circuit in Las Vegas . We are so pleased to be working with this brand new generation of acrobats bringing a new energy and never before seen routines to your school. The acrobats and the routines may be new, but the astounding feats of skill, focus, and athleticism are the same. The simple truth is that The Fabulous Chinese Acrobats is the best assembly program anywhere and the one that your students and staff will remember and talk about for weeks after the performance.

After 18 years, the Bureau of Lectures feels comfortable saying this is the best assembly program in America.

I have already recommended this show to the other schools in our district. The acrobats were phenomenal and kept the audience on the edge of their seat throughout the entire show. The performers were incredibly professional and the transitions in the show reflected that. What a wonderful experience for our students and staff alike and we will definitely have them back!

Ms. Atkins, Librarian - Irvington, NJ

I have never been to an assembly each and every student was so actively engaged! Without a doubt the best assembly we have ever had and we can’t wait to have them back.

Ms. Ring, Teacher - Calhoun, KY

This was the best assembly we have ever had at our school. Absolutely beyond compare! The performers were on time and ready to go within 15 minutes of their arrival. The response was equally astounded from students and staff alike.

Stephen Lovellette, Asst. Principal - Quantico, VA

Students from Pre-K through 9th grade were captivated by the performances of the acrobats. Their athleticism was outstanding, there was great variety in the routines, and the pace kept the students attention.

Principal - McAllen, TX

They captured the students and teachers attention and held it the entire show. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Amazing, this was the best show we have ever had at our school.

Lisa Taormina, Administration - Seminary, MS

They were wonderful! Engaged the audience and kept everyone on the edge of their seats the entire show. We also really appreciated the segments on Chinese culture, as we built an international day around the performance. They were a treat to work with and I would highly recommend this assembly to anyone. It was an incredible value.

Magnolia Stork, Programs - San Luis Obispo, CA

Extraordinary! This group is amazing. Their strength, flexibility, and talent is unbelievable. This is the only program we have ever had at our school that was truly age appropriate for grades K-12. They are truly one of a kind.

Christy Wallace, Art Teacher - Sandersville, GA